California Council of Chapters MOAA

Address PO Box 124614
City, State, Zip San Diego, CA 92112-4614
Meeting Time quarterly
Meeting Place 700 Front Street SD CA 92112
Council Website None


Name Dean J Mallires
Rank BG
Service USA
Component USA
Retirement Status RET
Phone Number (929)464-5001
Email Address


Name Robert Lee Council
Service USCG
Component USCG
Retirement Status RET
Phone Number (925) 548-0089
Email Address

Membership Ch

Name David C Yorck
Rank LtCol
Service USMC
Component USMC
Retirement Status RET
Phone Number (858) 794-7051
Email Address


The chapter's mission is to serve the wider military community

Information on Joining the Chapter

To join, simply complete an application and give to any officer.

Chapter Activities

The chapter meets monthly at the Ramada Inn Sunnyvale, CA

Legislative Issues

The chapter is particularly interested in California legislation.

General Information

The chapter has more than 300 members as of September 2008

About Our Chapter

This is the premier chapter in Silicon Valley California