High Country Chapter

Address PO Box 3312
City, State, Zip Boone, NC 28607-3312
Meeting Time Varies By the Month/four times per year
Meeting Place Various Locations in High Country Area
Council Website http://www.moaa-nc.org


Name Frederick J Schmitt
Service USCG
Component USCG
Retirement Status RET
Phone Number (828) 260-0008
Email Address fredschmitt5@gmail.com


Name Dr. Douglas B May, PHD
Rank Capt
Service USMC
Component USMC
Retirement Status FRM
Phone Number (828)266-1803
Email Address maydb@appstate.edu

Membership Ch

Name Benjamin W Covington III
Rank COL
Service USA
Component USA
Retirement Status RET
Phone Number (828) 297-5504
Email Address benbaghdad@aol.com


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