Montgomery County Chapter

PO Box 34127
City, State, Zip
Bethesda, MD 20827-0127
Meeting Time
Monthly luncheon, 3rd Wed at noon
Meeting Place
Manor Country Club; Rockville, MD
Council Website


The Montgomery County Chapter takes on the mission of active support of the entire "military family." The Chapter provides a channel for the fraternal interests of the entire membership. It provides support to personnel in need, such as the "wounded warriors" at our local military hospital. It services the interests of active officers and retirees, and their families (including spouses of deceased members). We are active in our financial and service support of worthwhile military community endeavors (e.g., Youth Leadership Programs, ROTC Awards Programs, charitable efforts).

Information on Joining the Chapter

Membership in the MOAA Chapter is open to anyone who holds or has ever held a commission or warrant in any component of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—and to their surviving spouses. Chapter membership is available whether or not you are a national member of MOAA. Associate membership is available for spouses of active or retired military officers. Chapter membership is $17 per year ($30 for two year membership). Currently, active military officers applying for membership with the Chapter can apply for new membership with National as well as the Chapter, at no cost for the first year. If interested in joining, send an e-mail to MOAA05@verizon.net (that's zero five), with contact information and we will reply with appropriate forms and information. Alternatively, write us at Montgomery County Chapter of MOAA; Post Office Box 34127; West Bethesda, MD 20827.

Chapter Activities

Activities include membership meetings and Board Meetings. Generally, on the third Wednesday of each month, a luncheon buffet is held—usually at the Manor Country Club; Carrolton Road; Rockville, MD 20853. A speaker provides insight on areas of interest to the membership. The cost currently is $20. Please contact the Chapter of your intent to join the group. In addition, monthly meetings of the Chapter Board are held on the fourth Monday of each month. We meet for dinner at 1830 with the business meeting at 1900 hours. Currently we meet at the Urban Burger in Rockville. Meetings are open to any member who would like to participate in Chapter deliberations. Kindly contact a Chapter officer prior to attending to confirm the date and location. Additionally we have provided dinner to "Wounded Warriors," presented ROTC awards, and we have financed the cost of High School ROTC students to participate in Youth Leadership programs in Annapolis and Valley Forge, PA.

Legislative Issues

The MOAA Chapter supports the MOAA national legislative agenda and we periodically invite our Congressional and State Representatives to speak to our group. The Chapter also is active in support of the Maryland State Council of MOAA on various state veterans issues. Members of the Chapter have been active in representing Maryland military retirees at sessions of the Maryland legislature in support of tax relief on state taxes for military retirement pay. Further, we have given financial support to the Maryland Retired Veterans Task Force, which also is heavily engaged in the tax relief effort. These efforts already have achieved some success.

General Information

The Chapter sends a newsletter to its membership on a quarterly basis. Locations and times of the scheduled meetings and events can vary. It is advisable to contact a Chapter officer (see list below) for confirmation. E-mail announcements are sent to members who have provided e-mail address, advising them of every event (e.g., details on speakers for the monthly luncheons). Points of Contact (Elected Officers): Colonel Harvey T. Kaplan, President – kaplan@starpower.net; 301-460-1883 LCDR Arthur Glover, 1st Vice President – arthurglover@comcast.net; 301-949-1235 Captain David H. Peterson, 2nd Vice President – kmpdhp@comcast.net; 301-921-6357 Colonel G. Ray Surman, Secretary – moaa05@verizon.net; 301-299-4638 LCDR Wlliam (Bill) Schultz, Treasurer – janandbill40@verizon.net; 301-649-6795 Mail: Montgomery County Chapter-MOAA; P.O. Box 34127; West Bethesda, MD 20827 E-mail: MOAA05@verizon.net [Note: The first 4 letters are followed by "zero five."]