Redwood Empire Chapter

PO Box 2801
City, State, Zip
Santa Rosa, CA 95405-0801
Meeting Time
4th Thursday, 1130 hours
Meeting Place
Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Rosa


The mission of the chapter shall be to: a. Promote the purpose and objectives of MOAA. b. Support the national defense, particularly in times of war or national emergency. c. Foster fraternal relations among chapter members. d. Help protect the rights and interests of active duty, retired, reserve and guard personnel and former members of the uniformed services, their dependents and survivors. e. Provide useful services for chapter members, their dependents and survivors. f. Otherwise serve the community, state and nation.

Information on Joining the Chapter

Membership in our Chapter is open to anyone who holds or has ever held a commission or warrant in any component of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and their surviving spouses. To join our chapter, please print out and complete the membership application found on the internet at this URL: redwoodempiremoaa.us/pdfs/Off_App.pdf and our application for a surviving spouse is found at this URL: redwoodempiremoaa.us/pdfs/Surviving_Spouse_App.pdf

Chapter Activities

The Chapter typically meets the fourth Thursday of the month in Santa Rosa typically for lunch usually with short program after lunch. Typically we feature the following events during the year. Picnic - June Barbecue - August Luncheon - September General Membership Meeting - Election of Officers - October Lobster Feed - November Holiday Social - December Chapter Board Meetings are held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building. Currently due to the limitations from COVID-19, all our chapter normal activities have been canceled. Our Chapter Board Meeting are currently held online via Zoom.

Legislative Issues

Usually in our Chapter's newsletter - the MOAAVOICE - includes timely information to the members on local, state, and Federal legislative issues. The MOAAVOICE may be found on the Chapter's website at this URL: redwoodempiremoaa.us/voice.html

General Information

To learn more about our Chapter please visit our web site, which will have the most current information about the Chapter at this URL: redwoodempiremoaa.us